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TAPA President

Welcome to TAPA website, This site contains a list of active members from all areas of Tanzania. Our members offer a multitude of services including psychotherapy, assessments, mental health seminars, research and other academic duties. We commend the the efforts done by our members and hope that in the future TAPA will be able to run mental health projects as an association.
Currently we have psychologists specialized in areas of cognitive psychology, social psychology, counseling psychology, educational psychology, clinical psychology and developmental psychology. We hope in the future the field of psychology in Tanzania will extend to fields currently not ventured in.

Ms.Atuwene Mbelle

TAPA President

About TAPA

Tanzania Psychological Association is a nonprofit organisation which has the mission to promote and  support psychological training and services in Tanzania.The Association deploys the following activities to achieve the above mission .Ensuring that the Association remains an organ of civil Association without an overt or covert loyalty to any political party.Advancing psychology as a science, profession and as a means of promoting human well-being.Actively striving for social justice, and doing advocacy for  individuals or groups that are denied access to the material and psychological benefits necessary for optimal human development, and protesting against any violations of basic human rights.

A group photo of those who attended the 2019 AGM

Our Mission

To promote and to support psychological training and services in Tanzania


Our Principal Objective

To promote the common interests of the members of the Association, who are practitioners of or who are involved in the field of psychology.

executive Committee

Ms.Atuwene A. Mbelle


Dr. Japhet Swai


Magolanga Shagembe

Secretary General

Isaac Lema


Dr. Bertha Losioki

Deputy General Secretary

Dr. Chris Mauki

Advisor to EXCOM

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